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Independent Medical Examinations

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If you are in applying for long-term disability benefits, you may have been asked to attend an independent medical exam requested by your insurance carrier. You may be wondering what this exam is and what bearing it could have on your claim. Our attorney explains this important aspect of the disability claims process.

What is the independent medical exam?

In some cases, your long-term disability insurance provider may require you to attend an independent medical exam as a part of your disability claims process. This medical exam is used to investigate the merits of your disabilities and how it may impact your ability to work. The terminology contained in most long-term disability insurance policies contains a clause allowing for this request. It is important to understand you the procedures and rules regarding this exam.

You should be informed about the basics of the independent medical exam:

  • The exam will be conducted by a doctor chosen specifically by the insurance company.
  • The results of the independent medical exam will be used by your insurance provider as evidence supporting the approval or denial of your claim.
  • Insurance companies often use the exam to obtain medical evidence and testimony that will aid in denying your claim.
  • Theoretically, the doctor involved should be unbiased. In our experience, this is not always the case. We have found that these doctors tend to be friendly to insurance companies because doctors benefit financially from performing these exams regularly.

The independent medical exam is a crucial aspect of your disability claim. If you do not attend this exam, your claim could be automatically denied benefits. At the same time, it is important to shield your rights and your best interests. Don't let the insurance companies or their medical examiners undermine your disability. At The Bernstein Law Offices, we strongly encourage you to seek legal counsel before beginning the exam. We can help prepare you for what to expect so that you can effectively overcome your medical exam.

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