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Don't wait until your claim is denied to pursue legal help. Before you start your disability application, talk to a Maryland Social Security disability lawyer from our firm. By working with an attorney, you greatly increase your chance of a successful initial application.

Can a lawyer really help me with my disability application?

The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can be extremely complex and challenging. Unfortunately, these applications are often hindered by unnecessary delays or even denials, resulting in even more waiting as you go through the appeals process.

An experienced disability attorney can help your application in the following ways:

  • Disability claim forms tend to contain confusing language and wording. Your lawyer can fill out the application and any other paperwork for you.
  • You may not be aware of the proper steps or documents needed to prove your disability. An attorney can consult with your doctor or healthcare officials to gather the necessary medical proof, and communicate your condition or symptoms clearly on the form.
  • Many make the mistake of unintentionally submitting an incomplete or weak application. Your lawyer can review your form to verify that it is effective and accurate.

With a lawyer helping you, the possibility of a first-time approval is increased, so you can begin receiving the benefits in a timely manner. Our lead attorney, Howard J. Bernstein, founded The Bernstein Law Offices in order to supply valuable legal representation for clients who face challenges in the area of disability law. Let his team guide you in completing your disability application.

Aggressive & Effective Representation from Our Maryland Disability Attorney

By filling the forms out accurately the first time, you have a much better chance of an initial approval. This saves you time and enables you to receive your disability benefits sooner. Our firm has helped thousands of clients in your exact situation. You can trust our legal team to provide the valuable assistance needed for a positive outcome.

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