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Importance of an Attorney during a Long-Term Disability Application

Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Attorney

If you need to apply for long-term disability claim from a private insurance company, it is important that you fully understand the terms of your policy and the laws which may govern it.  Whether your policy is through an employer or your own private policy, it is vitally important to be prepared to present an effective application from the start.  Even with thorough preparation, and appropriate documentation, you should expect a fight and can still be denied.  For this reason, we strongly urge you to contact a Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer at our firm before you even begin the application process so that your claim application is thorough and complete from the start.  Our firm is fully-versed in disability law and has extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies. We know how these insurance companies work, the tactics they will employ to delay or deny your claim, what they require on claim forms, how to aggressively negotiate with them when appropriate, and how to litigate against them when necessary.

The Importance of the Claim Application

One of the most important aspects for success in obtaining your long-term disability benefits lies in the initial application process.  Your claim must be strategically developed and prepared.  All of your relevant medical evidence must be obtained as well as physician reports and sometimes vocational reports.   The application should not be rushed and summarily completed.  In preparing your application, you may not understand what is needed and how to obtain it.

An experienced Philadelphia long-term disability attorney can assit you in completing your application and gathering the relevant evidence that must be presented in support of your claim.  Our firm can work with your doctor and other medical professionals in helping to document our conditionn.    We can advise you as to how you can supplement your application with evidence which will substantiate your claim.  An experienced Philadelphia long-term disability attorney from our firm has the experience to assit you in maximizig your chances of being successful at the application level.       

Contact the Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Lawyer at the firm today for vital assistance in preparing and submitting your claim application.

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