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Benefits for Non-ERISA Long-Term Disability

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Most insurance policies are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974. But what about those policies that aren't? Private policies - such as those purchased by doctors, attorneys, or other professionals - often don't fall under ERISA, and are instead regulated by state law.

In a non-ERISA claim the following benefits can apply:

  • If you file a lawsuit, you can file in a state court rather than a federal court for ERISA claims
  • State courts are typically more understanding of and friendly to plaintiffs
  • You have the right to a full judge or jury trial
  • You can be afforded a broader and more complete discovery process

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We can aid your non-ERISA claim by initiating a full review of your individual insurance policy. After this, we work hard to make sure that your disability claim is augmented with proper medical documentation and vocational evidence. Our attorneys can stay in contact with your insurance provider in order to avoid the unnecessary delays that policyholders often experience. If we need to pursue our clients' rights in state court, we are never afraid to prosecute a claim.

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