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Video Surveillance for Disability Claims

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Insurance providers have been known to use video surveillance as evidence against a claimant - either to deny an application for long-term disability benefits or to halt existing benefits. In some cases, video footage can be a very useful way for insurance companies to avoid insurance fraud. In other situations, however, it is wrongfully used to justify a claims denial. Investigators are often hired by insurance companies to monitor and film the claimant performing physical activities to discredit their disability claims.

Insurance carriers are particularly likely to use this method of surveillance in cases where the claimant's physical ability is in question, such as :

  • Walking / running
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Carrying items
  • Bending

Limited shots of an individual lifting objects or walking does not necessarily prove that he or she is fully mobile. Videos cannot show the full scope of a person's condition over a long period of time, or even convey the pain and limitations they may be experiencing on a daily basis. For this reason, courts are skeptical of video footage and treat it as untrustworthy evidence.

Regardless of this fact, you should be aware of the possibility that you may be under surveillance outside of your home. You could be targeted at any time during the long-term disability process. Our attorneys can help you combat the insurance company's abusive surveillance tactics.

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