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SSD and Seizure Disorder

Philadelphia Social Security Attorney

Do you have a seizure disorder?  Our experienced social security disability lawyer at The Bernstein Law Offices can help you with your  social security disability benefits claim.  There are many different types of seizure disorders.  Some of the most common include epilepsy, partial focal seizure, petit mal (absence) seizure, and epilepsy.

Seizure disorders can be disabling.  There are many possible symptoms of seizures, depending on the type.  Generally, seizures cause a loss of awareness and can cause the body to twitch or shake.  Other symptoms include loss of memory of a period of time, change in emotions, such as unexplainable panic, fear or laughter, and muscle tightening causing twitching of the body.  Seizures typically last anywhere from a couple minutes to 15 minutes. Some seizures are caused by a temporary condition, but others are caused by brain abnormalities or injury.

Many people who suffer from chronic seizures cannot drive or work due to the unpredictable nature of their seizures.  Driving with a seizure disorder is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.  The medicines used to treat seizure disorder have side-effects that may interfere with the functions of daily living.  Some individuals continue to experience seizures even while taking medication.  These are known as break through seizures.  It is important to keep a log of your seizures so that you can keep track of their frequency.

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