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Seizures and Social Security Disability

For some reason I am seeing more and more claimants contacting our office because they suffer from a seizure disorder. For some it is a genetic medical problem that they have suffered since childhood. For others it is the result of an accident or possibly from prior drug or alcohol abuse. Regardless of the reason, it is very important that your seizures are well documented for the Court.

This means that it is not enough to just testify as to the frequency of the seizures. The seizures need to be documented by your health care provider. Any trips to the emergency room because of seizures should be reported to the Social Security Adminstration. If anyone has witnessed a seizure then this needs to be reported as well. There are amny different types of medications that one's medical doctor will prescribe to an individual who suffers from seizures. It is imperative that you can demostrate to the Social Security Administration that you are compliant with your prescribed medication regimen. You must be prepared to prove that you take your medication on a regular basis. Blood test results can show if the medication is in your system. I have seen cases where the client has not been complaint with their medication which can exacerbate a seizure disorder. If your seizures are getting worse because you are not taking your medication than this can be a reason for the Social Security Administraton to deny your claim.

It is a good idea to keep a diary of your seizures. Typically, one is not even aware when they are having a seizure. However, it is not uncommon for a friend or family member to be around when you are having a seizure. Keeping a record of these seizres is very helpful for the Social Security Adminstration in assessing the severity of your condition. For those who get seizures while taking their prescribed medication it is imperative that you continue to take your medication and report your seizures to your doctor. Sometimes your physician will want to inrease or decrease the the amount and types of medication you are taking.

If you suffer from a seizure disroder that is preventing you from working, please contact The Bernstein Law Offices to talk about your claim and discuss how we can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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