Can I Work and Still Receive Benefits?

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Does Working Affect My Disability Benefits?

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One of the questions we receive most often at The Bernstein Law Offices is whether or not it is possible to continue working while receiving Social Security disability benefits. It is understandable that you would want to continue working - even if your injury prevents you from doing so at your full wage-earning capacity. Does this mean you can't collect disability benefits?

You can still work and receive benefits!

If your medical condition inhibits your ability to earn your previous level of income, you can still work part-time and receive Social Security disability benefits. The determining factor is the amount of income you earn. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has established a set of guidelines outlining maximum income levels.

The SSA also offers a work incentive that allows individuals with disabilities to keep their benefits during a trial work program. In this program, you are encouraged to test your capacity to work while still receiving full disability benefits regardless of the amount of income earned.

Some details of the SSA's trial work program include:

  • The trial work program lasts 9 (non-consecutive) months over a 60-month rolling period.
  • Only months where you earned more than $770 can count toward the 9-month trial period.
  • Once you complete the trial work period, you will not receive benefits for months where you earn more than $1,070.
  • In the 36 months following the completion of the trial period, you can still receive benefits if you are still disabled and unable to earn more than $1,070 per month.

You can discuss any questions you have about working and receiving benefits with a Social Security disability attorney in Maryland. Our attorney can help you get a better picture of how SSA guidelines will impact your specific situation.

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