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The most vital step in the disability claims process is typically the Social Security disability hearing. While the rest of the application process involves paperwork and documentation, the hearing gives you a chance to personally narrate your disability claim. During this hearing, you will be able to state your case in person before an Administrative Law Judge who will ask questions about your medical condition to determine the validity of your claim.

Why do I need a lawyer to represent me during my disability hearing?

You have the option of going to your hearing without legal representation. You are not required to have a lawyer present. However, we strongly encourage you to consider retaining a Maryland Social Security disability attorney to handle your case for a number of reasons.

An experienced attorney can help you in your disability hearing by:

  • Informing you on what you should expect during the proceeding
  • Cross examining witnesses or medical experts present
  • Preparing you for the questions you may be asked, and how to answer them
  • Presenting your case effectively to the administrative law judge

At the disability hearing, the only individuals allowed are you, the administrative law judge assigned to your case, a vocational expert, a medical expert, a hearing reporter, and your attorney. This setting is private, small, and informal, unlike a court room hearing. After the hearing, it usually takes around six to eight weeks to receive the judge's written decision. Having a lawyer on your side can provide a needed boost of confidence and morale. A successful hearing is crucial to obtaining the benefits you deserve, so work with The Bernstein Law Offices for comprehensive disability hearing preparations.

Years of Disability Law Experience on Your Side

We have represented thousands of clients in disability cases. Put our experience to work for you by hiring a member of our dedicated legal team to represent you through the application process. Our firm is known for handling disability claims effectively - putting our clients first and prioritizing their needs every step of the way. We have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a reputation for caring and skilled advocacy. 

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